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Our Prices and Services

Single Oven, Hob and Racks £39.99

Double Oven Hob and Racks £49.99

Single Oven with Extractor and filter Clean £49.99

Double Oven With Extractor and filter clean £59.99

Range Oven £99.99

Range Oven with Extractor and filter clean £109.99

Ninja Oven £39.99 (No air fryer's sorry)

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07935 375 093




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Liverpool Oven Cleaners will clean any single oven with hob and racks for just £39.99 or just £49.99 for a double! Call 07935375093 to book yours today!

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Our Services

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Oven Cleaning Service


Our oven cleaning service is based on a simple premise; do a good job and leave the customer delighted. 20 years applying that principle in commercial and domestic cleaning has created thousands of satisfied customers.

We enjoy doing the job most people want to avoid, so why not let us take away that chore for you. We are experts in cleaning:



AGAs and Rayburns





Our cleaning process involves taking all the removable parts out of your appliance and  giving them a good clean. After that happens, our professionally trained cleaner will give your appliance a thorough clean using special degreasers and simple hard work.

The end result is a shining, clean oven and, because we work with eco-friendly products, your appliance is ready to use right away

What our customers are saying

I would highly recommend this business to family, friends, or co-workers and can't wait to use them again!

Frank White (Landlord)

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Good Reasons for Keeping Your Oven Clean

There are four very good reasons to always keep your hob and oven clean:

Quality of Food: Spills, bits of food, grease and other unsavoury grime left inside your oven will burn when heating the oven and create smoke. This smoke will infuse your food and subsequently affect the way it tastes. Keeping your cooker clean will prevent this and therefore improve the taste and quality of your food.

Family Safety: Accumulated grease, food fragments etc. around your hob and fans inside your oven also significantly increase your risk of your cooker causing a fire in your home. Cleaning your cooker regularly and thoroughly reduces this risk.

Family Health: Left-over bits of food and grease on your cooker or in your oven are a haven for food poisoning bacteria. While heat during cooking will kill some bacteria, there is always a risk of utensils, oven gloves or even your hands becoming contaminated before heat is applied. The bacteria could subsequently be transferred to other, perhaps uncooked foods and infect you, your family and/or friends you have invited round for dinner. Keeping your cooker clean reduces your risk of food poisoning infections.

Energy Consumption: Not keeping your cooker clean will eventually cause your cooker - and especially your oven - to take longer to heat up and heat food unevenly. Having to work harder, your cooker will increase your cooking a time and use more energy, which, of course, will increase your energy bills.

What's more, a dirty oven door will make it necessary to open it to see how your food is getting on. Allowing heat to escape, this will again prolong cooking times and increase energy costs. Keeping your hob and oven clean will therefore save you both cooking time and money.

Hiring Professionals to Keep your Cooker Clean

The importance of keeping your cooker clean is obvious. There is, however, a way to avoid having to get stuck into this dreaded task: hire a professional oven cleaning company. Giving your cooker a deep, thorough cleaning without use of any potentially harmful, toxic chemicals, professional oven cleaners help you protect your family's health & safety and reduce your cooking times and energy costs - while you sit back and relax, get on with other tasks or enjoy your favourite hobby. Why not make an appointment right now? 

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